To E4 Vincent P. Thomas: We have crossed paths in 1959. Just as you were arriving in Wildflecken in Jan 1959 I was leaving in April, 1959 after two years. What a coincidence! Also to make it more amazing I also was assigned to Co "C" of the 3rd ARB 50th Inf. I was SP4 Augie Caringi and worked in the motor pool as a Track Mechanic. When we went to the field I would be in the Maintenance track. Our job was to keep the Company tracks humming and operational. It looks like we were crossing paths for about 3 months. Small world. I enjoyed my time in Wildflecken and still retain many great memories as I am sure you do. I am always amazed at the amount of time that has passed since those days on the "Rock".
I thank Don for creating this web that allows this coincidence to become known.
SP4 August L. Caringi, Clinton Township, Michigan (formerly of Detroit, Michigan)