This March 25th 2013 I go for my second Biopsy. In case you didn't know I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in December of 2011. My first Biopsy was preformed in February of 2012. The took 14 core samples for testing. I call them 14 and way they found cancer. On the Gleason Scale I am a 3. Which is very low and can be monitored with PSA blood test every 90 days and a Biopsy once a year. The only men who die from this cancer are those who don't do preventive medicine. The Stats are roughly this, almost half of all men who Die in their 70's have Prostate Cancer, but that's not what killed them. Men in their 80's who die all have some level of prostrate cancer but died from other causes. However men can stop this cancer by watching the foods they eat, and drink. Minor exercise wont hurt. And the most important is a check up after age 50 with increasing the visits as you get older.

40-49 5
50 59 3.5
60-60 4.5
70-79 6.5

These numbers are target areas for that age group. If you number increase slowly over the years there is a good chance nothing is wrong. But if you get a sudden jump from lets say 4.5 to 6.1 this is a red flag. The Doctor will inform you of what to do next. Bottom line. Get a CHECK UP.