Dear Wildflecken Veteran Members

Welcome to our new Newsletter.

First thing I want to say is...Thank You Very much to all those who contributed to the building of the new WVA website. Without your help we wouldn't have achieved this task. Out of several ads for a programmer to undertake this move from one platform to a totally different platform was almost a impossible job. Years ago I may have been able to do it but this time I felt I needed a real pro. One Company answered and he delivered. Most of you do not know what the structure of a website entails. Yes there are what I call canned websites. They are easy and will meet the needs for someone who wants a personal website. But a site like ours requires a separate database to store all the data created by the members all 1,090 of you. That is a lot of data. The Old site used a database but it's structure was out of date, would have not matched the requirements of the new site. Hiring someone to move all that data and change the structure to save all the information on all of you was a big undertaking and we came out on top. None of you do not have to re-register for membership.

The fellow I hired is finished with his job, but still on call in case we have a programming issue that resulted from in his work Right now we are very much up to full swing. There are a few bugs that need to be worked out which is now my job and I am still working on. The following area has a couple of issues which I should have resolved within the week.
1) The Unite Photo Album. pages 6, 7, and 8 do not enlarge the thumbnail.
2) zomify is not working for members. It works for the Admin though and this is a bug.
Now here are some features you need to understand.
1) BLOG. This is not a forum. This is used for opinions, articles relating to news in the media and advocating a cause. Once published this BLOG goes out over the Internet for all to read. Please read the FAQ to find out how to properly use this feature. Right now it is not accessible. I would like to hear from those who would like to use this feature. I have used this feature myself.
2) Frontpage. Used to feature news of interest. You should also get yourself familiar with this feature. If you have an item of interest pertaining to Politics, Military, Government, Life, Experiences, etc etc this where to do it. I also would like to hear from those who are interested.

Your profiles need to be upgraded. There are some that say 'FEMALE" for a few that is correct. But for many of you it is not. Please correct this.

Your email address has probably changed, you need to correct this as well. I can not make this point any stronger, it is important for you and the WVA. If I continue to get e-mails kicked back because they are undeliverable I will have no choice but to delete those accounts.

Your Profiles should have your picture in it. One that is today or when you served. (optional)

You all have to add your First and Last name to your profile. This is a must. I pride myself on the fact that the WVA has reunited more buddies than you could ever imagine. I reunited with a few myself.

The important information in your profiles couldn't be safer. They are far more secure than the last site was. And I WILL NOT share anything with any one for commercial reason or monetary gain.

Please Read

Now this is important. If you forgot your password/username it is really easy to retrieve them. When you Log In and enter the wrong information a Log In Dialog box will appear giving you 5 chances to get it right. In the instruction part of that box it will tell you how to retrieve your password/username. You click on that and it will ask you for your e-mail. Enter it and then wait for the system to send you a e-mail with your information. If you don't see it in your inbox it will be in your SPPAM folder. Tell your mail handler it is not SPAM and move it back to your inbox. This way any future e-mails from WVA will not be treated as SPAM.