In 1962 & 1963, 4th Infantry Division of Ft. Lewis, WA & 1st Infantry Division of Ft. Riley, KS deployed battle group task forces to augment Berlin Brigade pursuant to President Kennedy's August 1961 directive. Big Red One units involved included 2nd Battle Group, 12th Infantry; 1st Battle Group, 13th Infantry; 1st Battle Group, 28th Infantry; & 2nd Battle Group, 26th Infantry. Prior to advancing through communist East Germany to West Berlin, each of these units reinforced 7th Army while training at Wildflecken Training Area. These rotational deployments were tagged, "Operation Long Thrust." A fifth BRO Long Thrust Operation included personnel of 2nd Battle Group, 8th Infantry which reorganized as 1st & 2nd Battalions, 16th Infantry at Wildflecken before returning to Ft. Riley.

The history of Operation Long Thrust is detailed in an article entitled, "OPERATION LONG THRUST - Cold War Troop Surge Behind the Iron Curtain," which appears in the January 2013 issue of Military magazine. If you don't subscribe to this monthly magazine, a free copy is available at -- ENJOY!