The site is Growing. But we are hardly finished. I still have to add all the Cold War History, update the FAQ database with instructions on some of the added features that are uniquely designed for us. As most of you know I am disabled and right now I am in the middle of getting things done with the VA. That has been keeping me pretty busy. I have to go to Florida in January for a quick visit with one of my daughters who just got her first house and there are things that Daddy only knows how to do. (get it) I
love'em. Anyway keep posting, try creating a Article in the front page (read the FAQ about doing that. But please do a spell check and proof read. I would never add anything that makes sense if I didn't. Give it a try. Other than that I will be here to fix problems and answer questions.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you and your Families. I love every damn one of you.

Don "Mac" McLaughlin