Soon you will all be getting a newsletter to explain all the features on the site. There will be other news items as well. But first I would like to bring something to every ones attention.

Your e-mail addresses. I am going to have to start banning certain e-mail addresses because of
spammers/hackers. or net. Do me a favor use the e-mails your provider supplies to you for free. i.e. Comcast, directtv, webtv or any other provider. Just as an example gmail tracks every thing you do and where you go. So does Yahoo, AOL and any of the third party email servers. Be smart use the one that is available from your provider. Actually most will allow you 10 or more e-mails.

These EDIOTS who keep trying to get access are waisting their stupid lives, They will never see the light of day in this site. But weeding these morons out is a task. Please think it over and if you change your e-mail go into your profile and change it. Also you need to add your full name to your profile. The only people who can see this is other members. No one can see your whole profile. When you don't add your full name it defeats the purpose of our mission, which is to unit others who haven't seen each other in years. The old site did just that. lets not upset this process. I made a promise years ago "I Will Never Share Your Information With Anyone".

One more thing. Check your profile for Gender. The default is Female when you join. If you are a male, change it.

Thank all of you.