I would like to welcome you to the Chaplains Corner here at WVA.

I would like me mention that this forum is not to debate religious issues. There are many facebook / religous websites to do that. Neither is this a forum to dicuss personal problems. If you do need a personal reply, you can PM me.

The purpose of this site is to discuss how a chaplain or chaple life changed your life at Wildflecken. Not only the on-post chapel but any off post English speaking church.

I had some great times at WTA - I was there for 18 months with 1/68 Armor (Jan 80 - Oct 81). I was the PLL clerk for CSC company and designated as the supervisor for the consolated PLL. I was also the company NEO NCO.

So fellow members, lets hear from you about your spiritual journey at WTA.

And yes, all Faiths are welcome to be part of this group.

I shall anxiously be waiting to hear from your.


aka Pastor Bob