I was in Wildflecken for 6 months in 1975 as part of Brigade 75. The Third Brigade of the Second Armored Division from Fort Hood was sent to Wildflecken as an experiment to see if it would be cheaper to rotate a brigade on temporary duty every six months to increase troop strength in Germany versus posting a permanent brigade over there. As a lowly SGT E-5, I had no idea how the experiment turned out.

I was with HHC, 2nd Bn (Mechanized) 41st Infantry. Though I was an 11-boogaloo, I worked in office jobs, first as battalion mail clerk and then as battalion legal clerk.

I enjoyed my tour at Wildflecken. It was my first time out of the US and I wish I had taken advantage of the many travel opportunities there were. I only went on day-trips to Wurzburg, Schweinfurt, and Fulda. But Wildflecken had such an Old World feel to it with the cobblestone streets and old buildings that I truly had the experience of being in a foreign land.