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Stubborn Disabled American Veteran

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I am a service connected Disabled Veteran of the US Army. I am in a wheelchair, Bad Cardiovascular system, Nerve damage in my left leg, Collapsed Spine, Prostrate Cancer and a foreign object in the left side of my groin. I have a Medication list of eighteen items long.

Now let me tell you why I am telling you this. The US Government is looking to charge all vehicle users a Mileage/Usage Tax based on the how much you use your vehicle. Either when you file or a Tax charge when you renew your Registration. I bet it will be the latter. This way everyone gets hit.

Why are they doing this? They're doing this because of the push on green energy. Electric Cars, and High MPG Cars. They claim there isn't enough tax collected at the gas pump to fix our roads. This is probably true to a degree. President Obama has always insisted that everyone will eventually pay more in taxes and energy cost. I guess he is living up to his agenda.

Let me tell President Obama how I feel about this and I hope he is listening. Let me explain by the numbers.

  1. I am on a fixed income. Disabled Veterans have not received a QUALITY OF LIFE INCREASE in over 65 years. All we receive is crumbs from COLA Minus the CORE inflation. (Food and Fuel)
  2. I am a Chapter 61 retiree and do not get my retirement pay like those who served 20 plus years. Which they no doubt deserve. As of January 2004 President Bush signed into LAW that every Veterans who retires with 20 or more years of Active Duty get their VA Compensation plus their twenty plus years of retirement pay.

Right now I am exempt from all taxes to the State and Federal. However I would be very happy to pay these car usage taxes if:

  • I could receive my Retirement. Which should be taxable.
  • or I receive a VA Compensation quality of life increase of at least 25%.

Now here is one better. Give me back my retirement (Which should be taxable) and I would be more than happy to pay all taxes. This way I can use deductions that I have not been able to claim for the last 20 years.
And let us not forget those who served 20,25,30 and 40 years of Service. They too need a Quality of Life increase. As a Chapter 61 disabled Retiree here is what I will do. I just turned 69 I gave the United States 18 and half years of my life. I have four great Daughters all of which are Mature and have their own Families. My job is done. If this Tax goes into effect, follow me now.... I WILL NOT PAY THIS TAX. Let me repeat myself. HELL WOULD FREEZE OVER before I PAY THIS TAX. Would they fine me, probably. But they can only take it from my Social Security, not my VA Compensation. Will they put me in Jail, Probably and if they do my Lawyer will then hand the Judge my needed Medications all eighteen of them and by Law they (the prison system) would have to provide and administer them, they would also have to feed me, give me clean clothes and they would have to incarcerated me in a handicapped accessible prison. It would be a welcomed vacation.

Oh I know. Some will say my VA Compensation can be garnished, Nope. No one can touch it and that is the LAW, Federal LAW. And some will say getting VA Compensation is disability pay and we should not be allowed to double dip. It isn't, it is a compensation for injuries and illnesses incurred while on Active Duty. It is Compensation for salary differences if we worked a civilian job that would commensurate with the Job/jobs we did in the in the Military.

Many of us still served with these injuries or illnesses and never did anything about it Because they didn't want to lose their jobs. Until someone notices and makes you go in front of a Physical Evaluation Board. The Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airman, Coast Guard, National Guard and Reserves make a career out of these services because they love what they do. When you are forced out before you get to twenty years (Chapter 61) you leave with a scar that never goes away. Separation Anxiety. And I wouldn't leave out those who retired voluntarily. They too hurt.

And my last thought. I heard that someone from the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) says, that the Military Service Members make to much money. Tell you what BOZO. Do one year in uniform on a Aircraft Carrier, One year as a Infantry Soldier on the DMZ in South Korea, One Year in the Marine Corp. One year in the Coast Guard boarding vessels for drug interdiction. I'm not asking you... BOZO to serve one year in Combat but just one year of spinning up every time there is an alert. Try it BOZO, You couldn't do it.

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