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An interesting Chaple story

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Does anyone have an interesting chapel story to tell?
Yes.. I do. I spent 33 Months in Wildflecken. After awhile things start to seem the same over and over. One day when I was preparing lunch in HHQ of the 2/15 I was approached by the Mess Sgt, SSG Hicks. He says to me with a concerned look on his face, " better break starch, shine your boots you need to see the Chaplin right away " I just stood there looking at him. He says "Well...Get going!" The cooks lived in the Mess Hall so I didn't have far to go. I got out of my cook whites and put on a starched set of fatigues and my boots that I use for inspections and ran up to the chapel. I went in and knocked on the Chaplin’s door, stepped in and reported. "Reporting as directed Sir" He said to me "Sit Down" I sat in front of the desk. He gets up and walks out. It was very quite. My mind was racing. What happen, what did I do, did something happen at home. I have to be honest I was scared to death. He returned after what seemed like an hour but was only a few minutes with a pad and pen in hand. "Do you Love your parents?" he said to me. "Of Course I do sir" I replied. He says "When was the last time you wrote home." I replied "I don't know maybe 3, 4 months" "Why" He asked. I said "there’s nothing to write home about, just snow and more snow." He hands me the pad and says "sit at the table in the corner and write your Mother, tell her anything but write her and let her know that you are okay. And the only time I want to see you here again is for service. Hear Me!" Yes Sir! Needless to say I wrote home at least twice a Month. Swore I would never do that again. Turns out my Mom, God Bless her soul called the Red Cross.

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  1. Longwalker's Avatar
    You were lucky! I had neglected to write home and my mother sent a letter to my company. At the morning formation, the First Shirt called my name. When I answered, he said, in a loud and threatening tone, "write your mother." When I went to the company dayroom to write the letter, I found a crowd of guilty looking troops writing home.
  2. tonythepa's Avatar
    I had the opposite problem. I wrote home and still have some of those letters saved. However, receiving letters from home was like pulling teeth.How were things at home? Who was getting married? Who was sick or died in the neighborhood? Who had a baby? News in the late 70's came by letter, no IM, face time, blogs, etc. If and when mail arrived it was cool to hear your name called out. It raised your spirits and put a smile on your face in anticipation of a few morsels of information. I am sure I am not the only one who went through this dilemma. Ps Mac you spent 33 months at The Rock of the Marne? Who did you piss off?
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