• Homeland Security Impasse

    As we go to press, the Senate is working on a bill to provide funding for the Department of Homeland Security that would then go to the House for approval. Additionally the House is working on 2 bills to assure DHS funding. One that would provide three weeks of funding to give both chambers time to work out differences in their bills. The second bill is to try and force a joint committee to work out differences. NAUS sincerely urges lawmakers to overcome the Presidentís executive action on illegal aliens.

    Those who guard our country by working for DHS do not deserve to be treated as pawns in political battles. Nor do they deserve to be ordered to look the other way on illegal entry into the United States. They need to do their lawful jobs, especially the brave men and women of the US Coast Guard who help guard our borders to interdict illegal entry and illegal drug traffic. The smallest and busiest of all the Armed Services should always be protected from this type of action.
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