• The WVA is now opened.

    We are now open. So log in and start posting. Here is an update on some of the features:

    • When you check who is on line
    • I removed the Chat feature due to bugs.
    • The Unit Photo Album is in full swing.
    • A newsletter option will be functional as soon as we work out a couple of bugs.
    • I started to add files to the Download Area. I will be adding some more as we go. You to can add files to the catagories.
    • The Guest book is fully functional.
    • The Pentagon Channel is working perfectly.
    • We will be adding skins as an option to users. That is the look and feel of the site. Each will be able to select how they want the site to look.
    • It is now required to add your First and Last Name to your Profile. Guest can not see this information.
    • The forums have been compressed. First is the Category, then Subcategory and then Threads. This allows more forums to be added to save space on the page.
    • Cold War History was added to the Sub-Navigation Bar under the TABs.

    Any questions you might have please feel frre to contact me at djmac@wildfleckenveterans.com
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