• Pentagon Defense Budget Devastating

    Pentagon Defense Budget Devastating
    Fix DoD Budget: Peace through Strength
    The fiscal year 2015 Defense plan from the Department of Defense makes severe reductions in force structure and compensation and cuts uniformed servicemembers' earned benefits. It presents unacceptable risk to our national security and challenges the commitment made to servicemembers for health care, housing and related benefits.

    The budget request restricts the pay raise for servicemembers below the rate of inflation; begins a phased reduction in the growth of the housing allowance, resulting in servicemembers paying 5 percent out of pocket for housing costs; reduces support to commissaries; and makes significant changes in TRICARE, the most important non-cash benefit earned through career service.

    Use the following prepared text to urge your Senators and Representative to honor our troops, our veterans and their families. Ask them to do the right thing: Resist the Pentagon plan.

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