• Fake Army Benefits Site

    Military investigators are alerting army members about an unofficial benefits site that purports to offer users unclaimed benefits and then grabs their credentials.

    The “primary purpose” of the fake My Army Benefits site, according to officials, is to “collect soldiers' Army Knowledge Online (AKO) email accounts and passwords," the Army news service said. AKO Online is a secure gateway for soldiers, civilians, retirees and family members to access a variety of information resources.

    The sham site is easily mistaken for the My Army Benefits site, a real site hosted by the Army.

    Officials at the Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) said they "recommend deleting suspicious or unsolicited emails immediately, without response," presumably so that the perpetrators cannot confirm the identities of the recipients.

    The fake site, according to officials, informed visitors the military is offering unclaimed and accumulated benefits for active duty soldiers, and that benefits not claimed within the stipulated period become available for claims after 60 months.

    Be careful out there.
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