• Congress Repeals Military COLA-Cut

    National Association of Uniformed Services is pleased to see the House and Senate act with speed and in unison to ensure veterans receive all the benefits they have been promised and have earned while fighting in the uniform of our country.

    First the House on Tuesday and then the Senate on Wednesday approved legislation (S. 25) that would undo the cuts to military retirement pay enacted under the Bipartisan Budget Act (BBA), otherwise known as the Ryan-Murray budget deal.

    Passage in both chambers was overwhelming; 326 to 90 in the House and 95 to 3 in the Senate. The bill now goes to the President for his signature.

    NAUS is pleased to see many members of Congress come forward for repeal. We are grateful for this outpouring of congressional support in both chambers and to hear as well Defense Department’s leadership express opposition to the COLA cut.

    As a nation, we must honor the sacrifices our military men and women—and their families—have made at home and abroad.

    Our men and women in uniform face specific challenges when it comes to their own financial security. It can be difficult to save for retirement while serving abroad or to build equity in a home when relocating every few years.

    Having a COLA you can depend on and plan for is crucial to building financial security.

    As we move further into the new year, NAUS will continue its efforts to see that our government finds better ways to save money than to target veterans for budget savings.
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