• Read what these MORONS had to say.

    A friend of nine and member of WVA swears that 75% of the world are morons and he runs into 74% of them everyday. I am starting to see the math here and he is right. Here are some of these MORONS and what they had to say about the Boston Terrorist Attack. That's right a "Terrorist Attack" plain and simple. The greeter at Home Depot can even say that. But the President of the United States can't, and he won't and he never will. Why? Because he doesn't want to finish up his second term with an enemy attack on our land and his watch.

    With out further a adieu here are some of the 75%

    Michael Moore: "The Tea Party was behind the Boston Massacre Bombings."

    Actor Jay Mohr: "Blames Boston Attack on Gun Culture: 2nd Amendment Must Go."

    MSNBC's Chris Mathews on Boston Bombings: "Domestic Terrorist....tend to be on the far right."

    MSNBC's: Lawrence O'Donnell: "NRA helping Boston Marathon Bombers get away."

    David Sirota of Salon.com says: "Lets hope the Boston Marathon Bomber is a White American."

    CNN Analyst Peter Bergen: Right Wing Extremists to blame for explosions.

    These are not only MORONS but Ass Holes. Chris Mathews (Sid) really thinks by pushing his Communist agenda is going to improve his minus -2% RATINGS?
    Jay Mohr just lost many fans. To bad...I really liked the guy. David Sirota Who? Bergin at CNN. CNN says it all. Communist Network News. O'Donnell....(Sid) MSNBC Who's watching MSNBC anyway? And here's Moore (Sid)...Eat a Salad Moore (Sid) and STFU.

    NOTE: "Sid". It's an Irish thing.
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