• Boston is a Crime Scene? Part 1 and Part 2

    I going to make a prediction. I hope I am wrong. But the sound of the Narrative of the press conferences sounds to me like they are going to dumb down this attack in Boston. The Lead FBI Investigator keeps eluding to a crime scene. Is that what this is? Remember 911? Remember UN's Father disappeared and we found out later he was in a bunker for three Months? Did you notice that NOKO North Korea has suddenly stopped threatening everyone and the little porker UN is no where to be seen. UN disappeared two days ago. He might be in that same bunker. This is my prediction. ( A bit of sarcasm here ) "The bombing was caused by a rogue militia group who opposes the cooking of chickens in crude oil". This about equal to what the Administration will say to dumb this whole event down. Just like Benghazi. We will never hear the truth. Obama will stand with his minions and look at us right in the eye and LIE. This is a Terrorist Attack plain and simple. I just now heard Obama say "it's an act of terror, and we don't know who did it or why". I invite comments.

    Part 2 Posted today 04/19/13

    I knew he would dumb it down. The President just spoke today April 19th 2013 about the Boston attack. And not once did he say Terror or Terrorism or Terrorist. He never called the Attack on Boston a Terrorist Attack. The two bothers were Muslims, believed to be born in Chechnya left when they were very young, but the republic's struggle played a central role in their lives. They were trained in the craft of bomb making, but he still never referred to this heinous act of murder as a Terroristic Attack. He didn't even show any sign of emotion, just a look of anger. The President should RESIGN.
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