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    My heart goes out to all people who are Victims of Crime or Loved Ones killed by a Lunatic with a gun or any other instrument that can kill. The incident in Connecticut is to date the most heinous of them all. The anger, frustrations, and trauma is valid and totally understandable. But the out pouring of anti-gun anger has put the Local and Federal Governments on the Hot Seat. Because of this anger Firearms has come to the forefront. I can't argue the fact that the wrong people are getting their hands on these weapons and we need to correct that. Throwing out a blanket punishment is the easy way, but not the way to do it. This course of action is laid out by those who do not want to Enforce the Law or worried about their Political Careers. In the mean time the hype about banning guns and large capacity magazines has cause a frenzy in purchasing millions of guns by Law abiding citizens and gun enthusiast. The Second Amendment does allow it right?. However, what will happen when all these purchasers grow old and die off. Where do the guns go? To their kids? Some will be responsible and make sure they don't get in the wrong hands. But many will hock, sell for drugs, or even commit crimes. So Senator Finstein, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, Mayor Blumberg how do you supposed you will get illegal guns off the street in the future. Remember... you and your fellow democrats caused this. Instead of enforcing currant laws you caused laws that won't ever be enforced.
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