• Welcome to the ALL New Wildflecken Veterans Website.


    Veterans and Active Component the new Wildflecken Veterans Association's Website. We are not fully functional at this time. We expect to be open for business on Nov. 30th 2012. Please be patient as I have many graphics to install and forums to configure. The new site will include:

    1. Forums: I will set up Units according to Unit listed in the Photo Album. Any one else who wants a forum for their unit must notify me. But first thing I must ask is that your Unit must have some activity.

    2. Built in BLOGS: Right now this feature will be used by me only.

    3. CMS, Content Management System: where Articles of interest are posted.

    4. Security: I pet peeve of mine.

    5. World-Class Support: We never had this before.

    6. Profiles: All user information is loaded. All members profiles are accessible by the user only. There you can change whatever you applied when you joined. Please check your profile for mistakes and correct them.

    7. Forgot your password or user name. There is a function to recover that information on line.
    Please feel free to contact me at djmac@wildfleckenveterans.com

    I hope you enjoy our new Site. I want to remind you, I am always open for reasonable Suggestions

    The only problem I am running into at the moment is the Unit Photo Album. Once you are logged in you can see the album but you can not upload nor do I have access to the Admin Area. THIS HAS BEEN BEEN FIXED

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