• General H. Norman Schwarzkopf

    On Thursday evening word came that General H. Norman Schwarzkopf (U.S. Army Retired) died in Florida from complications from pneumonia. In 1991 he commanded one of the most dramatically one sided victories in modern military history when the United States (400,000 Troops) and coalition partners (200,000 Troops) freed occupied Kuwait and virtually destroyed Iraqi’s previously famed Republican Guard in just 100 Hours.

    Secretary Panetta
    on the Passing of General Norman Schwarzkopf

    "The men and women of the Department of Defense join me in mourning the loss of General Norman Schwarzkopf, whose 35 years of service in uniform left an indelible imprint on the United States Military and on the country. The Son of a Decorated Army Officer and Chief of New Jersey State Police, General Schwarzkopf followed his father’s legacy of service by enrolling in West Point in the 1950s. His bravery during two tours in Vietnam earned him three Silver Stars, and set him on the path lead our Troops into battle in Grenada, and then to take charge of the overall allied effort in the first Gulf War as Commander of United States Central Command. General Schwarzkopf’s skilled leadership of that campaign liberated the Kuwaiti people and produced a decisive victory for the allied coalition. In the aftermath of that war, General Schwarzkopf was justly recognized as a brilliant strategist and inspiring leader. Today, we recall that enduring legacy and remember him as one of the great military giants of the 20th century. My thoughts and prayers are with the Schwarzkopf family in this time of sadness and grief."

    I had the Honor of serving as many did during Desert Storm. Every one was very proud of his Leadership whether you served with him or not. He was a Soldiers, Soldier. He'll be missed.
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