• Gerardo Rivera

    I just finished watching Fox and Fiends and Gerardo Rivera was a Guest. He was asked if he was a member of the NRA (National Rifle Association) and he says "Yes, in fact I have my NRA ID Card right here" he pulls out a 2013 membership card. Then they Steve Doocy, Alisyn Camerota and Brian Kilmead says the NRA is getting ready to defend any new gun control laws. He made a statement loaded with sensationalism and says and I will para-phrase "If Wayne LaPierre doesn't come out and agree that assault weapons should be banned," come January he will ON AIR shred his membership card. Now here is the kicker. They started talking about the Marine who is in a Mexican Jail and could face 15 years in a Mexican prison for making a administrative mistake about a single shot 410 shot gun given to him by his Grandfather. Gerardo says When I was 14 I shot a squirrel out of his nest with the same gun gotten from a sears catalog and that traumatized him for ever. Huh? Why is he a member of the NRA? If anyone knows him like most New Yorkers you'll know he is a closet liberal and a sensationalist. Look at his history, the hidden treasure of Al Capone, Getting hit in the head by a Neo Nazi on TV, getting into fights with KKK members, throwing himself in the line of fire in Afghanistan. Really? An NRA Member. Give me a break.
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