• When I rotated back to the world.

    When I rotated back to the world I left the same way I arrived; by ship. I also left Wildflecken the same way I arrived; alone. Anyway I got to BREMERHAVEN, Germany in the Middle of April of 64. There were about 1600 troops there. We all had to report Duffel bags in hand, including extra baggage to a huge warehouse on the pier. We all were in formation while a NCO barked instructions on how to board the Ship. Then the bad news. We all had to spread out and each row had to be offset from the row behind them. and then we had to spread out in double arm lengths. We all new what was going to happen next.

    Little side note: In those days the Army was redesigning their cold weather clothes. One of the items was a Parker Hood. It was lined with the same material that a army blanket was made from and it had real fur around the outer edge with a wire inside so that you can bend it around your face for better protection.
    We were than told by this NCO to give up anything we're not supposed to have, and we wouldn't get into any trouble. He also noted that we would searched again and if they found anything we weren't going home. Behind him was a row of tables and they were all empty.
    Let me tell you in about 5 minutes those table were full. Magazine Pouches, trigger mittens, artillery simulators and a huge pile of hoods. There had to be enough hoods to supply a Line Company. Then we boarded the USNS Darby. We all had a good laugh. Oh and one more thing. We had a small USO Troop on board hopping a ride. One of them wore the colone CANOE. I mean he washed himself with it. Still today, I can smell that crap. The Ship wreaked of it for 9 days. It was torture I tell ya!
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