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  1. Raise the White Flag of Surrender.

    The cuts in the Department of Defense to be implemented in the coming weeks will make us so weak we should surrender now. The US Army is being asked to cut 83% in Training alone. Service wide 63% in Training and Maintenance. President Obama wants the US to collapse, loose our super power position and destroy Capitalism as we know it. Does this Administration think we no longer have enemies? I guess Venezuela, China, North Korea (who has the Nuke), Iran (soon to have a deliverable Nuke), Egypt, ...
  2. Stubborn Disabled American Veteran

    I am a service connected Disabled Veteran of the US Army. I am in a wheelchair, Bad Cardiovascular system, Nerve damage in my left leg, Collapsed Spine, Prostrate Cancer and a foreign object in the left side of my groin. I have a Medication list of eighteen items long.

    Now let me tell you why I am telling you this. The US Government is looking to charge all vehicle users a Mileage/Usage Tax based on the how much you use your vehicle. Either when you file or a Tax charge when you renew
  3. An interesting Chaple story

    Quote Originally Posted by SALTY View Post
    Does anyone have an interesting chapel story to tell?
    Yes.. I do. I spent 33 Months in Wildflecken. After awhile things start to seem the same over and over. One day when I was preparing lunch in HHQ of the 2/15 I was approached by the Mess Sgt, SSG Hicks. He says to me with a concerned look on his face, " better break starch, shine your boots you need to see the Chaplin right away " I just stood there looking at him. He says "Well...Get going!" The cooks ...
    US Military
  4. President Obama TAX Hikes

    President Obama wants to go over the fiscal cliff. Why? Because he wants the revenue. January 1st 2013 EVERYONE will see a loss of $2000.00 plus taken in federal payroll tax. This will hit everyone who makes $40,000 and higher, and the higher it goes the more you are going to pay. The Republicans look like the bad guys huh? They do not want to compromise, right?. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Obama and his lackeys are deliberately sabotaging the talks to push us over the inevitable ...