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Wildflecken Veterans Association

The Wildflecken Veterans Website started out around January of 2000/2001 to be a gathering place for GI's who were either stationed at or trained at Wildflecken Training Area in West Germany. After awhile it started to gain recognition among the Military Community. I soon realized that many who visited the site were not joining because they thought the site was only for Wildflecken Vets only. As I looked over the site, I could see how they could come to that conclusion. I have since reconfigured the website to welcome all Service Members from all Branches of the Military. I have incorporated a database on Veterans Issues second to none. A photo album to be proud of. Wildflecken Veterans Website is responsible for reuniting many veterans who have not seen each other in years, including my self who have since reunited with many of my great friends after 40 years from the days on the rock. Earlier this year 2005 I redesigned the site to be more user friendly and more informative for Veterans. Then that's when it hit me. Why not call it an Association. After all, we are all here for the same reason. To recall and share the memories and to Associate with our fellow Service members especially those Veterans of Wildflecken, Germany. Now as we are headed into 2013 and like us the the site was getting old. The script was becoming exploitive and under attack by hackers. Many of you donated to help me re-design the site. Welcome to The Wildflecken Veterans Association.

A Little bit about the Webmaster

My name is Donald "Mac" McLaughlin. I was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Jamaica, Queens. At the ripe young age of seventeen I joined the US Army at the US Army Recruiting office on Suphin Blvd., in Jamaica, Queens N.Y.C on the 15th of Apr. 1961. I took basic at Charley Co. 3rd Trg. Reg. 1st Army, Fort Dix, NJ. I then went on to Cook school at Charley Co. Spl. Trg. Reg. also at Ft. Dix. From the first day I joined to about 4 and half months later I found myself on a mountain top in a place called Wildflecken, Germany. When we first received our assignment orders at Ft. Dix NJ, we were shown a large wall map of the World. Everyone found their place of assignment but me, I said, Hey Serge! I can't find where Wildflecken is. His response was.. Because it's top secret private. Yeah... Right. I guess if you were there you would know why they wanted to keep it a secret. I traveled by troop ship with 1600 other GI's to BREMERHAVEN, Germany. All by myself at 17 years of age I caught a train to Frankfurt. I then caught the Schnelzug to Wildflecken.

It was in the middle of Sept, 1961 when I reported to the Battalion Mess Sgt. of HHQ 3rd ARB 50th Inf. 7th Army. His name was SFC Robinson. Sergeant! Private Don McLaughlin reporting as directed Sergeant! I yelled. Standing in front of him was a baby faced soldier who could still get into theaters back home at children's prices. SFC Robinson looked up at me and bellowed out from the corner of his mouth while he chewed on a cigar with the other side. "At ease! and Welcome to Wildflecken Son. Before you settle in I just want to ask you a couple of questions. Do you drink!" No Sergeant! I snapped back. He says "Do you fight!" again I said No Sergeant! With a look of pity on his face he says to me... "Son, if you want to go home in one piece I strongly recommend you stay on post for the remainder of your tour (24 Months), cause if you go down town with the rest of those sons-a-bitches I guarantee you will be one fight'n drink'n sons-a-bitch yourself and you will go home to your momma missing something." I can't say he was wrong. Because of the Berlin Crises I was extended to my ETS and rotated 33 months later with a partial denture replacing my two front teeth and 30 stitches added to my face. I continued my Military carrier starting in 1981 and was medically retired on Aug. 9th 1995. I didn't go back to cooking though. I ended up as a 96 Delta (Image Analyst) for 7 years and then a Motor Sergeant for 5 years and then a Computer Tech., for the Deputy Chief of Staff Information Management (DCSIM) at the Command level for another 2 years. (See Military-Bio) I now live in Georgia and enjoying the retired life.

Mission Statement:

To make Wildflecken Veterans Association a place where all Veterans of the Armed Forces who served anywhere or anytime to find old buddies, meet others and share their memories. To make sure all veterans are kept informed of veteran benefits and changes in the VA health care system. And most of all. Bring together those who braved the harsh conditions in Wildflecken Training Area. You are special.